Soil Regen Summit 2022


Small, bacterial-feeding protozoa propelled by whip-like structures.

Naked Amoebae

Bacterial-feeding protozoa with no covering; shown ingesting bacteria.

Ectomycorrhizal Fungi

Plant root and fungi in a mutualistic, symbiotic partnership.

Bacterial-feeding Nematode

Along with protozoa, they consume bacteria and cycle nutrients.

Testate Amoebae

Bacterial-feeding protozoa with a shell-like protective covering.

Free Virtual Event | March 15 - 18

Exploring How

Regenerative Practices

Can Heal Our Planet

Join the 2nd annual Soil Regen Summit to discover how world-renowned experts in regenerative ag and ecosystem restoration are working towards a better future for our planet…

Featured Speakers


Day 1

March 15th

  • Dr. Elaine Ingham
  • Colin Andrews
  • John Kempf
  • Rick Clark
  • Nicole Masters
  • Darren J. Doherty
  • Chris Trump

2 Live Panels and Interactive Meet & Greet Sessions


March 16th

  • Minni Jain
  • Nono Sekhoto
  • Colin Andrews
  • Dr. Usman Ali Lawan
  • John D. Liu
  • Dr. David Montgomery
  • Chef Nephi Craig
  • Anne Biklé
  • Courtney Brown
  • Dr. Dilafruz Williams
  • Dr. Elaine Ingham

2 Live Panels and Interactive Meet & Greet Sessions


Match 17th

  • Dr. Elaine Ingham
  • Dr. Mary Cole
  • Dr. Kristina Young
  • Adam B. Cobb PhD
  • Dr. Adrienne Godschalx
  • Dr. Merlin Sheldrake
  • Peter McCoy
  • Prof. Edward Mitchell
  • Prof. Ted Turlings
  • Graham Lancaster
  • Didi Pershouse

Live Panel: Myco Mind Meld w/Merlin Sheldrake & Peter McCoy


March 18th

  • Dr. Vandana Shiva
  • Colin Andrews
  • Minni Jain
  • John D. Liu
  • Dr. Elaine Ingham
  • Brian Vagg
  • Dr. Mary Cole

Round Table Discussions on Several Key Topics With Featured Speakers

See why the regenerative ag movement gives us so much hope for the future of farming – and our planet!

Watch this short video showcasing just a few of the amazing people & ideas you’ll be exposed to during this free, 4-day virtual summit!

Full Agenda

Each day you'll have access to some of the world's most innovative leaders in regenerative agriculture -- all free!

Soil Regen Summit 2021, by the numbers

Let's make 2022 an even bigger success!

Hours of Content Delivered
Summit Participants
Donated to Charity

A Very Worthy Charity,

And A Very Worthy Goal

Tiyeni is a non-profit organization focused on helping African villages learn and benefit from regenerative agriculture methods. We believe they are doing tremendously valuable work, so last year we collectively donated over $100,000 through generous gifts from our speakers, participants, and host  Soil Foodweb School. Let’s do it again!

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